Wednesday, July 4, 2012


First I'd like to apologize to my loyal reader! I'm not sure anyone actually reads this other than you but hopefully more do.  So I have some updating to do.

Our garden has been doing really well. I will take pictures and upload them soon. The corn is growing very well and Zoey was able to eat a few strawberries before they stopped growing. More to grow in the fall. The banana peppers have grown and I have picked one to try. Cucumbers are blooming and hope to see some growing soon. Peas have pods but are just filling up and the watermelon plants are getting bigger. I forgot how big the cucumber plants get and spread so I have to cut them back a bit. Very happy with how everything is growing.

Secondly, we have decided to move! We feel that we have outgrown the current house and decided to put it on the market June 22nd. We had 5 viewings on June23rd and two offers both above asking. We picked the offer with the most flexible closing date and was also more money. After the home inspection and conditions were met we closed the deal and sold the house on June 29th. Now we have to find our new house. We are looking a little more east in Courtice, Bowmanville or Newcastle. Most likely Courtice or Bowmanville will be our best bet. The packing has begun and we will see how the house hunting goes. Hopefully something this week comes up and we can put an offer in to have it accepted.

The girls both graduated and are very happy with their progress over the year with Zoey getting a B/B+ average and Hailey getting expected levels and above in SK. Now the girls are going into Grade 3 and 1. New school, new house and new friends. The housing market is hot right now and interest rates are very good so we decided to sell.

Anyway, I will post our garden pictures and update on anything else that comes up. Mostly, I have been very busy with work and home so I have been neglecting the Blog but will try and keep a better posting record.