Monday, February 21, 2011

Football (soccer)

Well we have asked the girls and they have opted for football.....or soccer as we in North America call it. I like the term football. It makes sense unlike the football we know as CFL and NFL. Don't get me started!!

So Hailey and Zoey have told us they wanted to play soccer and they have 1 practice and 1 game a week each. Yes! So that is Monday to Thursday practice and games! I'm looking forward to seeing them play and learning the team aspect of sports and how to play with other kids.

It is also much cheaper than hockey!! I need to buy shin guards and cleats but that is it. The league supplies the uniforms and also gives the kids a free soccer ball. I will keep you updated when the season begins which I think is in May.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Great New Show!

Now maybe some of you haven't seen Cake Boss on TLC yet but I love the show and would love to visit the bakery sometime for some of those yummy treats! The baker is Buddy and he took over the shop when his dad passed away and has all his family working in the shop. I enjoy the people and the cakes he makes because some of them are just amazing. Anyway, he now has his own cooking show on TLC called Kitchen Boss and it is great. I think the reason I love the show is because he uses simple ingredients and you can buy them at any grocery store. No special things and he is Italian so everything looks amazing and full of flavour. I saw 3 episodes today that I PVR'd on my Bell ExpressVu 9241 receiver. Little plug for work!!

He made Shrimp Scampi, Tortellini Soup, Garlic Bread, Eggplant Parmesan, Zucchini and Squash casserole, Prime Rib Roast, King Crab Legs and home made cupcakes. You can watch all the episodes on TLC and get the recipes. I was really excited for the cupcakes. He makes some amazing pastries at the bakery so to see him make one with butter cream icing was awesome. Too bad I am trying to eat healthy because I really wanted those cupcakes!! I will make them but for now I will focus on the eating right and losing a few pounds!!

Anyway, I highly recommend this show if you like to cook and watch for new ideas. I have watched and saved the episodes on the PVR so I can try at least the veggie dishes he made so I can hope the kids will try them.


Friday, February 11, 2011

What sports do you put them in?

I have been mulling over this question for the past year. It is not an easy question with both of us working shift work. Hopefully Nicole will be covering a maternity leave shortly and can work straight days for a year. This way we can put the girls into some sports after school. I wish I could make my own shifts but hate working day shifts!! I also hate night shifts so I guess what I am saying is that I hate working period. The girls wanted to skate but I haven't bought myself any to teach them and they have now decided that they want to play soccer! Cheaper than hockey and the program in Oshawa offers free everything. I just buy the shoes and shin guards. Something good for them to get into and get them more active. We are also looking at a YMCA family membership so we can get more active and shape up! I need it and so does Nicole. With the new healthy eating thing it is only going to help in our ultimate goal.

I would love for them to play hockey but can't commit to that with the shifts I am on. I would like to see them choose and with playing and exposing them to different sports through gym class in school, they have a better idea of what they want to do. I'm not pushing them into anything but hope once they choose that they stick with it because I'm not into wasting money....what little extra we have. Once they get active I think they will really enjoy it and with the YMCA membership, they will have access to free classes they can learn other things. They have talked about karate and swimming to start and the Y also offers childcare included in the membership so it works out!

Anyway, we are still weighing the pros and cons of the YMCA and to make sure we take full advantage of it once we do decided to commit. The pros are more than the cons so I will let you know if and when we decide.