Thursday, September 23, 2010

School Girls

Well I must say it was nice last week to have no kids in the house and we were able to go and get some things done. We went shopping and had a nice lunch. I do miss the girls but do enjoy having the alone time. I can get more done like cleaning and organizing. I can do it when they are home but once I pull something out that they have not played with in a few months, it is not put down for hours after seeing it again. I'm glad they find a new interest in an old neglected toy but I was trying to put it away and clean.

I have little projects that need attention so this will give me time to focus on them and hopefully finish. Maybe we can go for a movie also or more time together. Kids do take up so much of your attention and time but they are so worth it. The girls love school and Hailey is excited to go. It is also a bit of a different challenge for us keeping the lunches interesting and with items they will eat and like.

But it is great for them to be in school and socializing with kids so they can learn important life skills from the teachers and how to interact with others. It is sad to see them grow and not be at home all the time but I know this is a great opportunity for them to learn so much and I can fill in what I know.

With a tear in my eye and a little tug at my heart, I send them off to school to learn and grow. It makes them a better person and leads the way for a bright future and a strong start in becoming successful women.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Being Girly!

Now I'm no where near girly...unless you ask my wife or closest friends which lie anyway! I enjoy guy things and getting dirty and making and fixing things. The girls on the other hand enjoy girl things and looking pretty in dresses. They do like to help me do things and enjoy seeing things get fixed or making things. Hopefully they will make choices towards interests not based on what I like, but what they like. I know parents have an influence on what the kids do but we like to introduce them to activities that interest them. We have signed them up for dance and they told us they wanted to do it. If they try it and do the classes and like it then mission accomplished. If they don't like it at least it wasn't $200 like it would be if they signed up for hockey! This year we are getting both girls on skates so they can learn and hopefully decide if they want to play hockey or not. I think they would be great at it. Zoey has the drive and skill where Hailey has the edge and aggressiveness. If they don't like it then I'm okay with that. Saves me tons of money and early morning practices!!

They do like dressing up and doing girly things but would like to at least introduce them to things I like. Not to push them into doing things I do, but to show them that they are unisex activities. I know lots of women who hunt or ATV or enjoy hockey. The kids don't have to do any of those but if they experience them then they can truly say if they like them or not. I would never say they couldn't do something because I don't like it or think it is dumb. I would never go into dance but they seem excited about it and if they love it, I love it because I love them and seeing them happy. The best thing about doing activities together is seeing how happy they are because that is what makes me happy.

We all live for our kids and they are the most important thing in our lives so making them happy is the most rewarding thing to parents. Nothing makes me feel better than to see their smiles and hear them laugh. It is the best.

On a side note, we only have 10 days of summer left until the fall!!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

New addition to the family

Well it has been 5 months since we put down or good old friend Max. He was a good dog but we rescued him when he was 8 years old. I wanted to give him a second chance and he had a great life with us. My mom also recently put down her cat of 18 years after finding out she had cancer in her mouth. Now we have been talking about getting a new friend but nothing solid and wanted to enjoy the summer. Now it is time.

Tomorrow (Sunday) Nicole and the girls are going to Bewdley to pickup our new bundle of joy from a breeder. It just turns out that Nicole's dad knows the guy and he rents his dogs out for hunting in the fall. We have picked a new addition called Lucy and she will be joining us to start a new life. She is a pure bred beagle and the mom is a great hunter and so is the dad. I was offered a contact to train her to hunt and track and will take him up on that offer. We are going to get her right into training because I want her to come when she is called and obey every command we give her. This is the first puppy for our family, even though we did get Tawny our lab/husky mix when she was 10 months old, she was already trained somewhat. I am looking forward to the challenge and have to say that I'm turning towards Cesar Millan's books for guidance. He does do a great job with dogs and knows his shit! I want this dog to be very loyal and obey so I don't have to chase her all over the country trying to get her back.

Today we bought a new dog bed, bowls, food, collar, leash, toys and tag. Everyone is very excited to get her home and even my inlaws are getting a beagle puppy from the same breeder. They will pick up their puppy on the 14th since they have one from a different litter.

I will post pics and hopefully she will be smart like her big sister Tawny!