Thursday, September 23, 2010

School Girls

Well I must say it was nice last week to have no kids in the house and we were able to go and get some things done. We went shopping and had a nice lunch. I do miss the girls but do enjoy having the alone time. I can get more done like cleaning and organizing. I can do it when they are home but once I pull something out that they have not played with in a few months, it is not put down for hours after seeing it again. I'm glad they find a new interest in an old neglected toy but I was trying to put it away and clean.

I have little projects that need attention so this will give me time to focus on them and hopefully finish. Maybe we can go for a movie also or more time together. Kids do take up so much of your attention and time but they are so worth it. The girls love school and Hailey is excited to go. It is also a bit of a different challenge for us keeping the lunches interesting and with items they will eat and like.

But it is great for them to be in school and socializing with kids so they can learn important life skills from the teachers and how to interact with others. It is sad to see them grow and not be at home all the time but I know this is a great opportunity for them to learn so much and I can fill in what I know.

With a tear in my eye and a little tug at my heart, I send them off to school to learn and grow. It makes them a better person and leads the way for a bright future and a strong start in becoming successful women.


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