Friday, July 30, 2010


The Wii has become a fun activity the kids can do with us as well. We play games and have fun together but is this really the best thing for them? I tend to think it is. The hand eye coordination is a big thing and it helps them to learn and think when doing certain games. For example, the girls like the bowling on the Wii sports and Wii resort. So we bought a summer pass that costs us $4.50 for the 4 of us and that is to play 2 games. A great deal and this way they can put the Wii play into reality. They love bowling and have load of fun. It was worth getting the pass.

I found out the other day while in the backyard that Zoey has a great eye for picking up and hitting a ball with a bat. Now I'm not talking underhand. She can smack and underhand pitch but I threw a ball over hand from about 35 feet away and she hit it. Not just a tip but hit it straight back at me. I thought it was a fluke but she did it again and again. I don't know for sure if this is due to the Wii but she has a wicked eye for hitting that ball. I will be putting her in baseball next spring! Her timing is pretty good also when she plays the baseball game as well. I used to have to tell her when to swing but now we can play together and she does fine on her own.

Video games have changed so dramatically since we were kids but I think this is better because it seems to be having a positive effect on motor skills. I'm not an expert but it seems this way to me. I'm not going to knock the Wii because it does get you up and moving even if it is just swinging your arms but it does promote being active. I know I want to get the girls more active so they aren't sitting on the couch watching TV all day. I do enough of that at work!

Friday, July 23, 2010

It must be a girl thing!

So I have been on a huge learning curve since the girls are getting older and trying to be more mature. I ask them about clothes I fold and who it might belong to. They are great at telling me if it is theirs or not. I have made the mistake of not properly separating the girls clothes and accidentally having a piece of clothing end up in the wrong closet or drawer. I didn't think it was an issue and they could easily take it to each other but that isn't the case.

I get a typical "THIS ISN'T MINE!" and it is usually followed by them throwing it into each others room. I know when I had things mixed up with my brother when we were young I would throw it on his bed or in his drawer. No big deal and it never was an issue. I guess girls are a whole different breed which I always kinda knew. But I never expected this. I have a sister so I have seen what I thought was all but I was so wrong. I guess when two people have kids you assume they will behave similar to what you were like as a kid. I'm not sure of what Nicole was like as a kid but they definitely take after both of us. I see glimmer of myself when I was a kid and know for a fact I did the same things they are doing. Today Zoey asked for a cell phone because the babysitters daughter has one. She is 12 and Zoey isn't 6 yet. So to make my point I told her to grab the portable phone and dial our number. She knows our number but to dial it was a different thing all together. She couldn't do it and I proved my point. She understood right away and I also told her she just got an ATV so no cell phone until she is older.

I'm dreading the days to come where a trip to the mall will be a big undertaking and cost me more than a monthly mortgage payment. They will be working and spending their own money and saving a little for school. I worked from 16 and they can too! If they can learn to value a dollar, I have won! I have so much to look forward to and so much that I can't wait to pass it off for Nicole deal with!! No period talks since I have never had one but can tell you what it is like to be one the other end of one upset female!! I will do my part when the boyfriends come around and let them know I love the outdoors, my daughters and hunting. They can take from it what they will.

My friends with one or two daughters know what I am talking about and we need to take what we can from each other because a guy living in a house with all women needs an outlet. It can't always be pink painted toes, hair appointments, boy crush talks and shopping. I need to get out with the guys for a little time to ungirlify from everything I know that is coming at home! Yes...I said ungirlify and I first used it here. Just give me the credit when you use it as well!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Injured Blogger

Well we were busy Saturday and it was a beautiful day for an outing. I went out with my father inlaw and my manager from work for an atv ride. Great ride and a ton of fun. I came home before dinner and then we decided to go to the drive in to watch a couple of movies. Everyone was out in the truck except for me because I was grabbing some last minutes things people didn't bother to take with them. I locked the front door and had two stairs to go down and you think this would be an easy task. Let me back it up about 3 weeks ago. When we bought a table off Kijiji I rolled my ankle going out the door with my tool box after locking the door. It really hurt but didn't swell up and was okay after about 10 minutes. No big issue but it has been tender and sore since then and weak.

Now bring it forward 3 weeks and as I headed out down the stairs, history repeats itself. I felt or heard it kind of crunch like the sound an empty water bottle makes when you squeeze it in your hands. Then intense pain and about 20 seconds until I put myself in a state of "I fucked something up". My neighbours were out also and came over since Nicole saw nothing and ask if I was okay. I replied "i think so." to which my neighbour said "uh dude, look at your ankle." I looked and it was swelling up. Nicole put ice on it and held it for about 30 seconds before I told her I was going in to put it up and just sit for a second. After laying on the couch and the pain hitting me again I looked at her and said "it is fucked up and really hurts" to which she replied "we are going to emergency."

After sitting only about 2 hours and 15 minutes I was out after a set of xrays and a disgusted look by the doctor. She told me she would have the radiologist take a second look and call me but she didn't see a break but it was a severe sprain. I was prescribed T3's and anti inflammatory medication which helped with sleeping and pain. It is still very sore and I can put a little pressure on it but still need crutches to get around for the most part. So back to blogging and enough about me. The kids have been good at helping and understanding I have one less leg to rely on so they have been less needy and Nicole has been great at helping me and getting things for me.

Hopefully it will heal soon but I know it will be a long road until I can use it 100% since I torn all the ligaments and tendons.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Giant Hogweed

Well here in Ontario we have had reports recently about giant hogweed. I didn't know what it was and didn't care too much. I thought it was like the purple loosetrife that has invaded our wetlands and taken over from local plants. This is similar but a whole lot more dangerous. I have been reading and doing some research on this plant to find out what the big deal is and this is what I have found.

It is found all across Canada and grow to 20 feet tall. It has sap that if it comes in contact with the skin it will cause severe burns with painful blisters. It needs to be removed with soap and water immediately because it is activated by the sun. The sap can also cause temporary or permanent blindness so stay away from this plant at all costs. It has 50,000 seeds that it releases every year so this is becoming a big problem. You can also read about it here.
I love the outdoors and we like taking the dog for a walk in the woods so I am going to make sure the girls know not to go near or touch it because I would hate to see something happen to them or anyone else.
From one parent to another, if you are not sure what it is don't touch it or go near it because you could end up worse than just walking by. I would hate for anyone to have to go through this and especially the blindness it could cause. Stay safe this summer.....your family depends on you.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ATV's for kids

I have recently bought an ATV and have really enjoyed the sport. You have so many options when it comes to trail riding. As long as you have the proper tools with you, it should be a extremely fun trip. You can ride flat and smooth trails, challenging trails or a little bit of both. I like a bit of a challenge so a trail that has everything is what I like to ride. I also use my ATV for hunting and it helps to go places you could never walk in because it would take you too long. It is also a huge help in getting big game out of the woods when that time comes. I am still waiting for that but hopefully soon!

Anyway, my friend at work is selling his sons ATV because he has gotten to big for it and asked me if I was interested in buying it. Zoey has said she wants to go for rides with me and with this purchase she can do that. I still need to check the laws but I know she can ride it on private property without it having a license or insurance on it so we have a few places she can ride. I still have to find her a helmet because I won't let her on it without one. I am hoping she gets into the sport which is the fastest growing in Ontario right now. We can ride some nice flat areas to get her used to it and she won't have any ground clearance so we won't be going on any challenging terrain. She is really excited about riding and I am too. My friend is also going to give me an electric ATV for Hailey that she can ride around the yard or else where.

I would rather start her out young so she can understand the positives of the sport and also learn her limits. I don't want her getting hurt but it might happen. I did my first trip when I miss judged a turn and was thrown off my ATV. Not really hurt but it made me aware that it doesn't turn or stop as good as I thought. I will still go fast but I know what I need to slow down and also turn a corner. You won't know your limits unless you push yourself sometimes. The ATV she is getting has a limiter so I can set the speed so she won't take off and she can get used to the throttle so she won't goose it and have the bike fly out from under her or flip. We will take it slow and see how it goes.

I will update with the progress she is making or an ad to sell!! Hopefully the progress she has made!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Planning a family summer vacation

Planning a family vacation regardless of the season is a task that becomes more difficult as kids get older. They both want to do different things and you need to find something that will please young and old. I always break down the vacation in 3 areas. Price, activities, lodging are the areas I focus on. Not in any order but really you have to decide how much you are going to spend on a vacation without breaking the bank.

We are looking into Marineland for the girls because they want to go see the whales and the rides. I was okay with the idea but finding a hotel that is close to the falls and cheap is a task in itself. I would like it close to the falls so we can walk and avoid paying for pricey parking fees since this is the high season for the tourists. It makes it alot easier to walk around to see everything and not having to waste too much gas. I looked at the prices for Marineland and the good news is that Hailey is free! Bad news the rest of us will cost about $120 for admission which doesn't include the arctic cove which is an extra charge. So if I can find a hotel or motel close to the falls for $100/night we are looking at $230 + $120 + $200 in food and other activities. $550 for a weekend in the falls was not something I would like to spend!

I was hoping to maybe swap them towards something a whole lot cheaper. Nicole's Uncle has a cottage which used to be her Nan's house before she passed away but it is on the river and near Stoney Lake and another smaller lake. So we could stay for free or at least pay a super low price for any hydro used. We could have access to a boat for fishing and a place to swim. Close to a town for food or other things and her uncle built a playground for his kids or whoever stays. My brother just works up the road and could stop in to say hi or crash for a night. I love the outdoors and this could be a cheap vacation with bonfires, fishing, nature walks and swimming. If all we had to buy was groceries for a weekend it would cost $50 and a week would be about $120.

I am all for the cottage stay and family activities. I hope we can make it happen in the next couple of weeks and have a week vacation for a lot less and more peaceful than trying to figure out lodging. I know the girls had fun last year when we went for a weekend so a little longer would be nice. I only have to sell it now!!