Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Injured Blogger

Well we were busy Saturday and it was a beautiful day for an outing. I went out with my father inlaw and my manager from work for an atv ride. Great ride and a ton of fun. I came home before dinner and then we decided to go to the drive in to watch a couple of movies. Everyone was out in the truck except for me because I was grabbing some last minutes things people didn't bother to take with them. I locked the front door and had two stairs to go down and you think this would be an easy task. Let me back it up about 3 weeks ago. When we bought a table off Kijiji I rolled my ankle going out the door with my tool box after locking the door. It really hurt but didn't swell up and was okay after about 10 minutes. No big issue but it has been tender and sore since then and weak.

Now bring it forward 3 weeks and as I headed out down the stairs, history repeats itself. I felt or heard it kind of crunch like the sound an empty water bottle makes when you squeeze it in your hands. Then intense pain and about 20 seconds until I put myself in a state of "I fucked something up". My neighbours were out also and came over since Nicole saw nothing and ask if I was okay. I replied "i think so." to which my neighbour said "uh dude, look at your ankle." I looked and it was swelling up. Nicole put ice on it and held it for about 30 seconds before I told her I was going in to put it up and just sit for a second. After laying on the couch and the pain hitting me again I looked at her and said "it is fucked up and really hurts" to which she replied "we are going to emergency."

After sitting only about 2 hours and 15 minutes I was out after a set of xrays and a disgusted look by the doctor. She told me she would have the radiologist take a second look and call me but she didn't see a break but it was a severe sprain. I was prescribed T3's and anti inflammatory medication which helped with sleeping and pain. It is still very sore and I can put a little pressure on it but still need crutches to get around for the most part. So back to blogging and enough about me. The kids have been good at helping and understanding I have one less leg to rely on so they have been less needy and Nicole has been great at helping me and getting things for me.

Hopefully it will heal soon but I know it will be a long road until I can use it 100% since I torn all the ligaments and tendons.

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  1. I think that you should play this up as much as possible. If you can get waited on hand a foot for an extended period of time, take it!