Friday, July 23, 2010

It must be a girl thing!

So I have been on a huge learning curve since the girls are getting older and trying to be more mature. I ask them about clothes I fold and who it might belong to. They are great at telling me if it is theirs or not. I have made the mistake of not properly separating the girls clothes and accidentally having a piece of clothing end up in the wrong closet or drawer. I didn't think it was an issue and they could easily take it to each other but that isn't the case.

I get a typical "THIS ISN'T MINE!" and it is usually followed by them throwing it into each others room. I know when I had things mixed up with my brother when we were young I would throw it on his bed or in his drawer. No big deal and it never was an issue. I guess girls are a whole different breed which I always kinda knew. But I never expected this. I have a sister so I have seen what I thought was all but I was so wrong. I guess when two people have kids you assume they will behave similar to what you were like as a kid. I'm not sure of what Nicole was like as a kid but they definitely take after both of us. I see glimmer of myself when I was a kid and know for a fact I did the same things they are doing. Today Zoey asked for a cell phone because the babysitters daughter has one. She is 12 and Zoey isn't 6 yet. So to make my point I told her to grab the portable phone and dial our number. She knows our number but to dial it was a different thing all together. She couldn't do it and I proved my point. She understood right away and I also told her she just got an ATV so no cell phone until she is older.

I'm dreading the days to come where a trip to the mall will be a big undertaking and cost me more than a monthly mortgage payment. They will be working and spending their own money and saving a little for school. I worked from 16 and they can too! If they can learn to value a dollar, I have won! I have so much to look forward to and so much that I can't wait to pass it off for Nicole deal with!! No period talks since I have never had one but can tell you what it is like to be one the other end of one upset female!! I will do my part when the boyfriends come around and let them know I love the outdoors, my daughters and hunting. They can take from it what they will.

My friends with one or two daughters know what I am talking about and we need to take what we can from each other because a guy living in a house with all women needs an outlet. It can't always be pink painted toes, hair appointments, boy crush talks and shopping. I need to get out with the guys for a little time to ungirlify from everything I know that is coming at home! Yes...I said ungirlify and I first used it here. Just give me the credit when you use it as well!!

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  1. "let them know I love the outdoors, my daughters and hunting." Said while you are polishing your gun, right?

    I will try to put Ungirlify into normal conversation.