Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Giant Hogweed

Well here in Ontario we have had reports recently about giant hogweed. I didn't know what it was and didn't care too much. I thought it was like the purple loosetrife that has invaded our wetlands and taken over from local plants. This is similar but a whole lot more dangerous. I have been reading and doing some research on this plant to find out what the big deal is and this is what I have found.

It is found all across Canada and grow to 20 feet tall. It has sap that if it comes in contact with the skin it will cause severe burns with painful blisters. It needs to be removed with soap and water immediately because it is activated by the sun. The sap can also cause temporary or permanent blindness so stay away from this plant at all costs. It has 50,000 seeds that it releases every year so this is becoming a big problem. You can also read about it here.
I love the outdoors and we like taking the dog for a walk in the woods so I am going to make sure the girls know not to go near or touch it because I would hate to see something happen to them or anyone else.
From one parent to another, if you are not sure what it is don't touch it or go near it because you could end up worse than just walking by. I would hate for anyone to have to go through this and especially the blindness it could cause. Stay safe this summer.....your family depends on you.


  1. I've never even heard of this plant before, but if each plant releases 50,000 seeds/year, that is a true epidemic. 50,000 squared is 2.5 billion new plants and seeds in the course of two years - and that is just one plant!

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