Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ATV's for kids

I have recently bought an ATV and have really enjoyed the sport. You have so many options when it comes to trail riding. As long as you have the proper tools with you, it should be a extremely fun trip. You can ride flat and smooth trails, challenging trails or a little bit of both. I like a bit of a challenge so a trail that has everything is what I like to ride. I also use my ATV for hunting and it helps to go places you could never walk in because it would take you too long. It is also a huge help in getting big game out of the woods when that time comes. I am still waiting for that but hopefully soon!

Anyway, my friend at work is selling his sons ATV because he has gotten to big for it and asked me if I was interested in buying it. Zoey has said she wants to go for rides with me and with this purchase she can do that. I still need to check the laws but I know she can ride it on private property without it having a license or insurance on it so we have a few places she can ride. I still have to find her a helmet because I won't let her on it without one. I am hoping she gets into the sport which is the fastest growing in Ontario right now. We can ride some nice flat areas to get her used to it and she won't have any ground clearance so we won't be going on any challenging terrain. She is really excited about riding and I am too. My friend is also going to give me an electric ATV for Hailey that she can ride around the yard or else where.

I would rather start her out young so she can understand the positives of the sport and also learn her limits. I don't want her getting hurt but it might happen. I did my first trip when I miss judged a turn and was thrown off my ATV. Not really hurt but it made me aware that it doesn't turn or stop as good as I thought. I will still go fast but I know what I need to slow down and also turn a corner. You won't know your limits unless you push yourself sometimes. The ATV she is getting has a limiter so I can set the speed so she won't take off and she can get used to the throttle so she won't goose it and have the bike fly out from under her or flip. We will take it slow and see how it goes.

I will update with the progress she is making or an ad to sell!! Hopefully the progress she has made!

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  1. That is awesome! Schools me in not being able to wait until I can take Olivia to the comic shop for her first comics purchase. ;-)