Friday, July 30, 2010


The Wii has become a fun activity the kids can do with us as well. We play games and have fun together but is this really the best thing for them? I tend to think it is. The hand eye coordination is a big thing and it helps them to learn and think when doing certain games. For example, the girls like the bowling on the Wii sports and Wii resort. So we bought a summer pass that costs us $4.50 for the 4 of us and that is to play 2 games. A great deal and this way they can put the Wii play into reality. They love bowling and have load of fun. It was worth getting the pass.

I found out the other day while in the backyard that Zoey has a great eye for picking up and hitting a ball with a bat. Now I'm not talking underhand. She can smack and underhand pitch but I threw a ball over hand from about 35 feet away and she hit it. Not just a tip but hit it straight back at me. I thought it was a fluke but she did it again and again. I don't know for sure if this is due to the Wii but she has a wicked eye for hitting that ball. I will be putting her in baseball next spring! Her timing is pretty good also when she plays the baseball game as well. I used to have to tell her when to swing but now we can play together and she does fine on her own.

Video games have changed so dramatically since we were kids but I think this is better because it seems to be having a positive effect on motor skills. I'm not an expert but it seems this way to me. I'm not going to knock the Wii because it does get you up and moving even if it is just swinging your arms but it does promote being active. I know I want to get the girls more active so they aren't sitting on the couch watching TV all day. I do enough of that at work!

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