Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are we all a bunch of damn spoiled kids?

I am not one to complain unless it is warranted. Things really don't bother me and it makes me more mad at seeing someone drive like a real inconsiderate ass. Ad's don't bother me. Commercials I skip through on the PVR. I can tolerate the telemarketers and door to door sales people. The thing that really gets under my skin is whiners and complainers. Don't get me wrong. It is okay to complain when it is warranted but it is all how you handle it.

You order a meal and it is wrong. Tell the waitress and she should correct it. Drive thru is wrong so you take your meal in and show them the bill. They will correct it. Most people will want to help you if you are calm and relaxed but firm. You get your point across and people won't dispute it. The people that come with attitude and start whining and bitching like spoiled kids really set me off. Do you need to get all offended and snotty with someone who made a mistake? Are you the only table in the restaurant? No! Mistakes happen and if you were it that position you wouldn't want to be treated like crap. So why do people treat people like the are stupid and try to belittle them? I was at McDonald's last week and some woman was told that the chicken nuggets would be about 3 minutes and they would bring them out to her table when they were ready. She wanted the nuggets now and asked why they wouldn't have food ready? The lady at the register told her that during busy times they sometimes have a few minutes to catch up with food stocks and are not always able to keep up. They try their best but it is only a couple minutes longer. she wasn't happy with that and asked for the manager. She bitched to the manager with the same "I want my food now" and the manager told her the same thing the other lady did. She was not happy about the answer and asked what she was going to get for waiting. The manager replied nothing.

She told her that the nuggets were done and another manager brought them up to the register with fresh fries and thanked her for waiting. She said she didn't want them and asked for a refund. The manager said she would refund her money for the meal that was now in front of her and the woman was still complaining. She said that she shouldn't have to wait because her kids were hungry and someone said behind her "if you'd shut your mouth and take the food they wouldn't be hungry"! She was really mad and stormed out of McDonald's. That was now the talk of the dining room and how much of a bitch she was for not waiting. I was just ordering and was told to wait for the nuggets for the kids and I said it was not a problem. After she stormed out, the girl behind the counter said the nuggets were ready and the manager was walking buy and thanked me for my patience. I told her it was no problem and it happens. She told me to wait and gave me 4 pies for having to wait. I told her she didn't have to but said after that incident, she was more than happy to do it!

I was laughing thinking it would have been much better if that woman was still in the dining room to see good behavior gets rewarded. I guess she has been a spoiled brat all her life and just taught her kids a valuable lesson. Acting like a fucking jerk gets you no where!!!


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