Friday, October 15, 2010

Cross boarder shopping

We are leaving the kids at home with my sister and heading with another couple down to Erie, PA to do some low tax shopping! We have been going down to Erie for the last 4 years and we enjoy it for Christmas shopping and with no tax on clothing you can't beat it. 6% tax on everything else which beats 14% in Ontario!! It will be a fun weekend and we will be checking out the great deals and having some drinks. We have bought many Christmas gifts over the years and they have things in the malls we don't have here. It is a small town but very good for shopping. Most people go to Grove City which is a little farther down the highway but Erie has the same places to shop so we save a little gas.

Anyway, with our dollar so close to the American green back, it is the best time to buy those items you can't find at home or are just cheaper than what we are used to paying. Plus it is a nice getaway for the parents to be goofy and have fun. I love my girls so much but it is nice for mommy and daddy to have some us time!!


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  1. ...I wish I could leave the kids at home for the weekend. I mean I love them and all, but I also love peace.