Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween treats

This year we had some fun out with the girls and they had a blast running house to house getting candy for us!! No I won't be eating their candy but did go through it all to make sure it was safe. I know we heard it as kids and some sick people actually do try and hurt people by sticking tacks and powders on candy. How much do you really have to worry when it come to that? I know some people do make an effort to make it fun for kids by putting some candy in Halloween bags with chocolate bars and chips but also some bulk barn type Halloween candy. That is the type that we throw right in the garbage because you just can't trust people these days or at least I don't.

Why do they sell bulk Halloween candy like candy corn, jube jubes and others? I would only eat it if a friend had it out or I bought it myself because it is the only way to be safe. I'm sure 99% of loose candy is safe but I wouldn't want to make a mistake and my kids pay for it so I just toss it. Another thing is as kids we would go to a house with the outside light on and skip the ones without since we knew they had no candy or weren't home. Kids don't seem to have this knowledge or don't care. I saw 4 kids come to my door, as I stood at my neighbours having a beer outside, and knock on the door. I told them we had candy but over here where we had a bowl in plain sight with candy. My outside light was out and the main level was dark because Nicole had the girls upstairs. They still knocked and it was also 8:45pm which the street was empty except for these 4 kids. Since it was colder than previous years everyone packed it in early and no one was out after 8:25pm.

Anyway, nothing really much other than that. Kids had fun and we had fun watching them run door to door. I was very pleased and proud to hear the girls using their manners which I didn't tell them but did remind them only once to which they replied "we are using our manners dad. We are being good". They were good and made me proud yet again.

On a side note....Zoey won her 3rd....yes 3rd award for academics at her school. She needs 1 more award to keep a trophy. They give out awards for the 4 A's at her school. Academics, Athletics, Attitude and Art. She has already won each year of school so we are hoping for a 4th so she can have something to display. Hailey is also doing really well and her teacher says she is in the top percentage in her class. She is ahead of most kids because of Zoey helping her and Hailey is always excited for school so they are both doing amazing.

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