Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well this is going to be about me and my fellow men in the world. Prostate cancer is a real concern in men's health and every bit of awareness is key to having the proper things in place to help fight this disease. I have signed up and am participating in Movember for those who don't know. Movember consists of having a clean shaven face starting November 1st and growing and grooming a moustache for the entire month. The hope is that family, friends and the public will see more moustaches and this will bring to light how many people actually are in support of fighting cancer.

I have not had a clean shaven face since grade 10 at Kenner C.V.I. when I was about 16. Most people have forgotten what I look like without because I have been sporting the beard for the last 15 years. For me to shave it off is huge and hope to do it all again next year and support it every year after that. I encourage all my family and friends to support me and even join up and do it as well. Since we are only on the 2nd you can easily jump on board this worthy cause.

I hope that the fundraising I do for prostate cancer will help someone close to me if they ever need the support and I will be there for them since I am putting my face forward for the cause. I would hate to see someone close to me lose this battle with cancer when I could have done something. This is the easiest way to support cancer research because you don't have to go out for a walk or run and it takes no extra time other than grooming which most of us do anyway on a daily basis.

Check out Movember and see what good work this movement is doing for men's health.



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