Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tis the kill!

Well tomorrow I leave to go 2 hours up north deer hunting. I am looking forward to it and have been getting all my things together. Nicole takes a week off of work also because it is just easier. She sometimes doesn't like the fact I'm gone for a week but it is the only real time I can get away and relax. It is such a laid back time up there and the forest is so amazing this time of year. Lots of animals foraging for food and of course when you are sitting quietly you can see so many new things that you can't see anywhere else. I watched a squirrel run around and gather food one day. He would go up a tree and stop to look around like he was being followed. Then go into his home or hiding spot for his food and come out 30 seconds later. He repeated this task about 6 times before he noticed I was sitting there watching the whole thing unfold.

I also stood once at a watch and saw a fisher. They look like a ferret but 5 times bigger with a head that resembles a bear. It ran around and came within about 15 feet of me before I made a noise so it wouldn't get too much closer. They are very mean little things if confronted and I didn't want to shoot it because I was looking for deer and there is no point in wasting a life.

So as Friday draws closer, I am getting more excited to go. I'm going to miss the girls and Nicole but will see them in 7 days so it isn't too much. Hopefully this will be the year I can shoot my first deer and have it hanging from the hooks. I will take my camera to take pictures and my phone since we can still get service up there. I will see you in a week!


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