Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Yes OnStar! Ever since we bought the truck I have been amazed at how OnStar works. We have monthly emails with a full diagnostics report from the on board computer in the truck. No need for a $100 diagnostics from the garage because we get it monthly in an email and can log onto the OnStar site for more detailed reports also. The hands free calling is nice to have and out of the 150 minutes we have, we still have 134 left but will expire in 2 months. There is also tons of amazing features that OnStar can do. If your vehicle is stolen they can find it on GPS, tell the cops where it is and shut the engine off so the vehicle will roll to a stop. They can also unlock your vehicle if you leave your keys in it. The most important is the crash response that is something I thought wouldn't be needed because of me always having my phone with me. After thinking a bit more about this, I realized that if we were in an accident and I ended up unable to call because I was knocked out, they would send emergency personnel. I want to make sure the girls are safe and taken care of if I am unable to help them. Not only would the OnStar operator come over the speakers and talk to us but would also talk to the girls and try to keep them calm until help arrived.

I didn't care about the OnStar features when making my purchase but am I ever glad it has it now! It truly is something to see. I know other brands claim safety and reliability but how could you ever compete with OnStar.....you can't! Anyone who has never seen OnStar or looked into it should really try it out at a dealership if shopping for a new vehicle and check out all the info you can on this amazing product. I must say that I am not a one brand kinda man because I like other makes and models on the market but I may be a GM guy for life now. You just can't compare. They are in a league of their own when it comes to safety and innovation. GM has developed some pretty great safety features and has allowed other makers to have the idea to make sure we are all safe but OnStar is one thing that GM was smart to hold onto because it is amazing. Having your guardian angel with you is nice but having OnStar in addition to your angel is even better.


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