Thursday, December 9, 2010

Growning up faster than we did!

I was watching the girls last night on the computer and how they could navigate and select the websites they want to bring up. I was in high school when I first got onto the Internet. I remember how new it was because I was able to get my last name as my email address for hotmail. Not possible now! The Internet has grown so much and so has technology. The things the kids are asking for Christmas is mind blowing. Zoey wants an ipod and Hailey wants one too. I never asked for anything except for a Nintendo and Super Nintendo because that was the latest and greatest things. The girls can play the Wii without help and can load discs, select characters and play games without me having to help them. Zoey is better at that than Hailey but they are both capable of playing most of the Wii games on Resort, Play and Sports.

They know about texting and like to pretend to send texts on my dead cell phone I gave them. Everything they are learning and picking up is amazing and they are almost at the level Nicole and I are with some of these things. I'm not the most technical guy out there but am trying to grasp hold of the way things are moving but I like the simple and easy. I can't build a computer and have very little knowledge to fix them but can manage on some level. I can't wait to see how advanced the girls will be compared to what we are now. I wonder if this is how my parents felt when my brother, sister and myself were growing up and were telling them about things that they seemed to have very little knowledge of.

I like the simple because it is easier to fix. With everything computerized it is harder to fix and most of the time needs replacing. More money for less thinking. You program it and leave it until it dies or needs to be reprogrammed. I'm not simple by any means but I would rather get dirty and get my hands into fix something. I fixed the air conditioner in the summer when I found a mouse had chewed through the wires. 2 needed to be twisted back together and I fixed the wires and it worked great! If it was chips and processors and boards, I would need to buy a new one instead of using things from around the house to fix it. I just like things to be simpler so I don't have to pay a tech $80/hr to come and fix something I could. Like I did in the air conditioner. I did some exploring and found the problem. I could have said screw it and call someone who would have charged me $80/hr to twist 2 wires together. I could have and did do that for nothing!

Anyway, I know things that can think for themselves are such a nice feature on a fridge or washing machine but when it breaks, how much is it going to cost to fix and can I do it myself? That is the new questions I'm going to start asking when we buy something with that kind of technology. Or what I could do is get the girls to do it because they are getting to that point quickly! I know the girls are growing up faster than I did but I am also immature...which I love! They are doing so well in school and I don't know if that is because we read almost every night to them or because we let them be independent to a degree with some things. Regardless, I know how my parents felt when they looked at each other and realized that we were advancing past what they knew. I won't be hard on them for not knowing certain things anymore because I need to be supportive and hope the girls help us out when everything is over our heads too!!


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