Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Family deals

We have been looking to do some fun activities with the girls over the winter since it is so cold and starting to snow more and more. What can you do other than winter activities? Well we have been looking at both outdoor and indoor things. We have been looking at the rec centres for free activities and also ones we pay for such as dance, sports and arts. Another good place is the library. We were there today to grab some books so the girls can read and we can read to them. That's something I don't do enough is read. A good place to find family getaways if you like to travel and let the kids have a fun night away is Travelzoo. It has deals that offer vacation packages, tickets to events and other deals you can't find else where.

We recently book one night at the Ramada by the Falls in Niagara Falls for one night at $60.00 in a really nice hotel that is located between Clifton hill and the falls. The kids will get a blast out of being in a nice hotel and it is nice to get away for a night to just have fun. I think we will play some games at the midway, see the falls, go to Clifton hill and have dinner at the rain forest cafe. $150-$200 for two days for gas, hotel, food and parking isn't too bad.

Anyway, Tonight Zoey lost another tooth and she was excited because she said she is growing up. I hate to admit it but she is. Today when she came off  the bus she told the bus drive to have a good day. She says and does things like an adult but still acts like a kid most of the time. I can't believe they grow up so fast but I am loving every minute of them being around me. They are amazing!


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