Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ana White?

Yes Ana White! I had never heard of her or her blog but now am a huge fan. You have to see it to really get a sense of what she has done for the average DIY homeowner. Not only does she post what she has made herself at home, she lays out every little step so you can't screw it up. She tells you what to buy, what items you need in the way of screws or nails and a cutting guide. There is also a visual step by step in showing how to put it together.

She has a $10 cedar planting box that should cost $10 but cedar is not $2 per board but I will still make the planting box. I might use cedar or pressure treated but I will make the box. She also has instructions on beds, shelves, tables, stools, chairs, storage and anything else you can make with wood! Check out her site because I have yet to go through everything. You can make the majority of the furniture in your home thanks to her.

We also have just finished our first project of 2011 around the house. A rock garden at the front of the house which took some research but turned out fantastic. Not that hard to do and thanks to living near lake ontario, free rocks of all sizes to fill our rock garden. The big ones we needed were a bitch to carry and a real workout but Nicole and I both completed the project together and quickly. It also helped that I was able to buy a tipping wheelbarrow off Kijiji that retails for $300 for $50.



  1. Um, we need some pictures of your project around the house! You guys are WAY ahead of us - we haven't been able to start any of that stuff with our crappy weather out here!

  2. From drew - I'd still screw it up