Friday, August 13, 2010

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Well I got home last night after working 10 hours plus a drive into and out of work so it was like a 13 hour day! I knew the stove was being cleaned and I had to cook my chicken on the BBQ which I had no problem with but my wife left everything soaking in soapy water. I had no elements and the range was up so you could clean under the burners. I decided I would finish the job while the chicken was cooking on the BBQ. Most things came off fairly easily but one burner has a black ring on the outside because we use it the most since it is the larger burner and at the front. I had hot soapy water but this was not coming off. I used some elbow grease and was getting no where. I decided to look under the sink because I thought we had a magic eraser. I found an original one but also found a box of some with a scrubber. I read the box and the scrubber was perfect for what I was about to use it for. Instead of using the whole eraser I decided to cut about 1/3 off since I was only cleaning a small area. Good tip for saving money and making it last longer!

I put it under water and rung it out. I looked at it and thought this would be my answer. At first nothing came off but then a little pressure and wow! Everything that was in the black ring began to come off and I was very impressed. I have used the original before and it works well but this one kicked ass! I love it and instead of scrubbing hard for minutes with a dish rag and scouring pad, this thing did it with speed and results quickly.

I highly recommend trying one out and it doesn't matter which type you use. They all work great and I'm sure you can get coupons online or check out the website to see if they have any offers. You can also try and they can get you free stuff or for coupons.

Check it out and save your arms!

P.S. A quick note about the BBQ chicken. I had nothing but chicken when I was done cooking so I was looking for something to go along with it. I found something very interesting and actually very yummy.....yes I said yummy! I found some english muffins in the fridge and decided I would toast them and put chicken on them. I also found my new favourite and amazing mayo in the fridge. Roasted garlic mayo! Awesome on anything you can think of. Burgers, sandwiches, fries for those who like to do that, any recipe that calls for mayo and garlic because this is the perfect blend for it and whatever else you do with mayo. A friend at work also bought baconaise.....yes bacon flavoured mayo and they said it was amazing. I will let you know how that turns out next time I'm down in the states and can find it! Anyway I had 3 english muffins, toasted with chicken and garlic mayo......great dinner!!

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  1. Magic Erasers are a wonderful thing. There isn't anything they can't do.
    I also want some of that BBQ chicken when I come visit next!