Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy June 22nd

Well yesterday was a busy day at our home. We had a graduation ceremony at 1pm for Zoey at her school. She walked in with her class and was wearing a little cap and sat down. The two SK classes each did their own acts and songs on stage. Then the teachers presented each student with their certificate for graduating kindergarten. After they had cake and snacks for the parents and students. We are very proud of Zoey and can't believe she is going into grade 1!

Later in the evening they had eye appointments and both had excellent vision which they get from me! No issues but the doctor did say Zoey was a little far sighted so we will watch that each time she goes to check her eyes. After we sped off to Chucky Cheese for Hailey's birthday party. We had coupons which was great and saved us alot of money and the kids that came had a great time playing games and eating pizza. Hailey got some nice gifts and really enjoyed her new dresses.

All in all a busy day but well worth it.

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