Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chucky Cheese

Now this is my first parenting tip for anyone looking for a party idea for their kids. We have used Chucky Cheese in the past and they have two separate areas. One area is for parties and the other is for people just coming to play games and eat food. We would use the empty tables in the party area and have a party for the kids. We also could use more than one coupon since they never said we couldn't use more than one and the staff didn't care. Now that has all changed.

BEWARE! We arrived at Chucky Cheese yesterday at around 5:15pm and we greeted as always. We walked towards the party area and saw that all the tables had reserved signs on them. I look at Nicole (my wife) and said that they can't all be reserved. I went back to the front and asked the young man if the tables were all reserved. He told me that they were to which I replied " There are that many parties here tonight?" because they have about 20 long tables and 15 booths. I was then told I couldn't use the party area unless I had booked a party with Chucky Cheese. What the fuck? They charge around $16.95 per child and that is only food for the food for the adults! So we had 8 kids at $16.95 plus tax of some sort....probably that is $153.23 and then I would have to buy food for the parents which is 31.95 for the cheapest pizza deal they have. So another $72.21 for 2 of those which would be a total of $225.44 for a party at Chucky Cheese!

What we did was I printed off coupons and did multiple copies so I could use the coupons more than once. They said I could only use one coupon per visit so I went to the bank and took out money. I gave two parents money so they could use the coupons and buy the pizza for me since I couldn't use them all at once like we have done in the past. The girl didn't catch on or didn't care so we got away with using the coupons and it cost us only $27.38 per coupon for a pepperoni pizza or deluxe with 4 drinks and 30 tokens. We used 4 coupons so it only cost us $109.52 which saved us $115.92! That is a huge fucking difference and a huge rip off by Chucky Cheese.

So in closing, fuck Chucky Cheese and their parties which are a huge rip off and their new shitty policy. I would still go for a family outing with coupons but no more parties!! Stay away if you are planning a party so you aren't making a huge mistake like what could have happened to us. I'm just glad things worked out and we didn't get fuck with a huge bill. The staff obviously didn't care or they would have noticed the same email address on the coupons and could have told us no. Just stay away unless you can afford the $225.44 which I'm sure you could plan for much less with better pizza!!!

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  1. I suppose lucky for me, we don't have any chuck e cheese's around this part of Canada. Good for you for sticking to the man. That is a significant amount of savings, more than half! It was Sylvia approved!

    I had to laugh when the f-bomb was dropped. At least I know who is writing the post. :o)