Sunday, June 20, 2010


Well on Tuesday Hailey will be 4 and we had a family party for her on Saturday. We went to my moms to go swimming because it was so humid and they girls had loads of fun. The water wasn't all that warm however! I BBQ'd some burgers and sausages. The best sausages I have come across are from the Great Canadian Meat Company. They are $20 for a pack of 30 and are quite large. They also sell buns because any other bun you buy will be too small and the sausage will stick out either end.

Anyway, she is going through a phase where she likes Polly Pocket, Furr Real Pets and Zhu Zhu Pets. I am all for that because she likes things that aren't too pricey. They really enjoy playing with them and we have found that Toys R Us have the best selection and currently the best price. She got some clothes and we gave her a new fishing pole. She wants to go fishing and I am all for that. I miss fishing and don't get to go out too much. She also got some new lures to go in her tackle box. I'm hoping to maybe get out on Monday when we head to Peterborough to see dad and give him his fathers day gift. Maybe we will stop on the river for a fish or see if we can scam Adam for a ride in the boat!!

All in all she had alot of fun and we get to have another party at Chucky Cheese for her friends and neighbours on Tuesday! Worth doing is signing up on the Chucky Cheese website to the fan club and you get coupons every month or two which are better than the ones that come in the mail. They will come in handy on Tuesady!

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