Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today around 1:40pm we had an earthquake at 5.0 magnitude which was a little shocking considering I live in Ontario. It was centered just outside Montreal and Ottawa but could be felt in a large area. It was something that I have never experienced and was really neat. My sister who is about a 45 minute drive away felt it and we sent texts back and forth. I was sitting and kind of frozen when the tremor started. It lasted about 10 to 15 seconds but was enough to make you wonder what the hell was going on.

Just made me think since the largest we had was around 3.0 that it was an isolated quake or could we get more of these. I guess it made me think of some movies like 2012, the core and the day after tomorrow. How far off are these movies or is it just your what if brain making you think about the end of days coming sooner than later!

I'm going to buy some more beer and have lots of sex if we are alive when the world is coming to an end....well at least I can drink beer!

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  1. You can always get some beer, but you can't always get some.