Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canada Day!

I am very proud and happy to be Canadian and would like to wish all my fellow country men and women a Happy Canada Day if your are in Canada or not. I have to work tomorrow but I'm okay with that. I had my shift changed from 10 hours to 8 so I could be home for dinner and not after dinner. I don't mind and look forward to a little extra money. I work for a service provider who is always running on air because if no one was here and the place fell down then no one could watch tv!

Traffic should be very light and make for an easy drive with no stress in the morning and coming home. I leave tonight at 6pm but the traffic will be horrible because almost everyone is taking the next 2 days off. I would too! I might be lucky if I can get home by 7pm but fully expect to be home later with everyone going to the cottage or starting family vacations since school is out for the summer. Tonight will not be a fun drive. I just hope there are no accidents which would make the drive 10 times worse!

I will celebrate when I get home with a few Keystone light beer tall boys! We bought some fireworks for the kids but I really love lighting them and making a big deal of it. You can't deny that fireworks aren't fun and great to watch! We might go watch some down at the lake front in Oshawa but we have our own so we can light them ourselves. I want to stop tonight and get a few more just to make sure I have all that I wanted. I do have a 3 day weekend after tomorrow so I know we will be busy Saturday night with UFC and watch the Lesner and Carwin fight. Should be a great fight with someone getting knocked out.


Happy Canada Day Everyone!

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