Monday, June 28, 2010


Well it is the beginning of and end in Ontario. Everything for the most part will cost more. The HST will arrive Thursday morning at 12:00am and we will be seeing the biggest impact at the gas pumps. If gas is around $1.00 per litre it will jump to $1.08 because of the HST. The full list is available at the following link: .

I'm not in favour of the Liberal government and in fact have voted against them at every election for good reason. People in Ontario have a horrible track record of bending over and taking it in the ass! They don't learn. After being lied to and still voting McGuinty back in for another term we are still listening to his lies and losing more than we are gaining. Not that any government should be giving and not taking but this government has taken and not given anything other than the current bribe! They have wasted so much money on wasted things and we are no further ahead then before they came to power. This was way before the recession! I hate to live under a provincial government that lies and no one seems to care.

Maybe next election the Liberals will get the boot and have someone else take power and turn this dismal province around. I don't care who it is but I am pro conservative. Anyone but McGuinty!

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  1. You guys with your blue ties, always blaming someone else ;). The Nova Scotians have had the HST for I think ten years now, and it was the Conservatives that booted them in the ass out here, and the NDP that increased the HST to 15% on Canada Day. You think you have it bad in ON, nope. Try paying on average $6 for 4 litres of milk.