Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Now most people know about this website or at least have seen it at least once. We have used this website often to find things or do some research to find out how much things are selling for before we post an ad. The people that do read this and don't know what Kijiji is it is simply a site to sell and request things from furniture to cars to clothes and anything else you can think of. It is free to join if you would like to sell items but you can browse and look at ads without signing up. I really like it because not only can you see pictures of items being sold but you can compare to other ads similar to get the best deal.

I have posted and sold many items on Kijiji which is great because some things move really fast and are gone within hours. Some items don't move as fast and may take a week or two but don't be discouraged because someone is always looking for what you are selling. Just be prepared to lower your price to move it quicker. It depends on how badly you want it out of your home also. I have things that didn't sell but that is because no one would pay the price I was asking and the offers were really low.

Last night we picked up a beautiful table with 2 leafs and 6 chairs. 2 of the chairs are captains chairs and they are very comfortable to sit in. They could have sold this for at least $400 or more but they wanted it gone so we picked it up for $150! The couple we bought it off were in their 70's or 80's and didn't need it anymore for just the two of them so we got it at a steal.

I encourage strongly that everyone with or without kids search and browse the site because it is the best place at find great deals if you know what the original price is and how much you are saving by buying it used. Most things are in excellent condition but take your time and find the things that you really need. I also really like yard sales and alot of people post their yard sales on here too! I find about 95% of the yard sales I map out are posted on Kijiji and not from the paper. Why pay for an ad when you can do it on Kijiji for free!!

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